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We want to bring more working class women to Wiscon. This is how we're going to do it:

Each woman will pitch in as much money as they can, a bit every month, to save for Wiscon. People who want to support this effort can pitch in money, too.

Our accountant will keep track of the savings and it'll go into a bank account. If there's an emergency and you want your money back you will of course get it back. But Rosie understands that some folk have a hard time saving because there's *always* an emergency; we live in a state of emergency. This way, there's an extra layer of, um, protection -- so you can't casually rob peter to pay paul. Of course, this won't appeal to everyone.

(sure this could be a horrible scam. message me for references if you feel the need)

As often as you like, just come here and hit the paypal donation button. Each month, the accountant will email everyone with a balance statement. Sponsors may donate to a specific person or generally, and will also be emailed letting them know that we got the donation and how much we love them.

From the donation fund, we'll help pay for two quad rooms for eight women, purchase bus tickets or train ticket or set up ride shares, purchase registrations and finally, give each woman a bit of cash for food and books. (Or they may have saved enough to do it all on their own.)

Don't want to stay in one of the quads but still want to come to Wiscon? Feel free to use our handy-dandy saving system! The more working class women, the merrier!

This page is still under construction -- paypal donation button to come. Suggestions very welcome.

If you know anyone who might be interested in joining us, either as a fellow attendee or as a sponsor, by all means send them this way. Or just generally pimp this 'round, hey?


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